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Venue: The Scented Garden, St Ann’s Well Gardens, Hove
Reviewer: Jan Melrose
Publication: The Argus

Oscar Wilde would be proud. His timeless wit has the whole of St Ann’s Well Gardens in peals of laughter until the sun sets.

Some of the more risqué jokes which can be lost on an inattentive reader could not be missed as the actors executed the lines with perfect comic timing.
Sarah Mann’s performance as Lady Bracknell is superb. Her pompous tone and bulging eyes are enough to silence any outspoken politician let alone the pair of foppish dandies who prance around the gardens in pink pin-striped blazers, cravats and smoking jackets.

As I sip my glass of wine I wait for the moment when Mann’s eyes will finally pop out of her head, such is the energy she instils in the character. Her moans and groans, whoops of delight and exclamations of disapproval make her the ultimate matriarchal dragon.